Public Speaking 101

Unleash Your Inner Motivational Speaker

(And Banish Your Inner Critic)

A holistic guide to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and deliver a truly EPIC presentation!

Is Fear Holding You Back from Reaching Your Full Potential?

By avoiding public speaking engagements, we hold ourselves back from so much that life has to offer. Professional opportunities, personal growth, and self-empowerment all wait for you on the other side of this fear.

In Public Speaking 101, we give you the tools you need to not only write and present your speech, but to walk through life with confidence and live up to the vast potential inside of you! You will learn that the power of your own personality and your deep desire to conquer this fear is all you need.

Do you find yourself tongue-tied every time it’s your turn to speak?

It is believed that as many as 75% of the population is affected by a fear of public speaking. 75%! That’s a lot of people; which means, you’re not alone.

We’ll be your guides as you learn to regulate your nervous system before a big presentation. Combining our years of experience with mindset work and breathing techniques, we give you everything you need to go into your public speaking event feeling prepared, confident, and cool as a cucumber.

Potential Side Effects of this Curriculum May Include:

💥 Increased Levels of Self Confidence and Authenticity

💥 Intense Feelings of Self Empowerment

💥 Decreased Feelings of Fear, Uneasiness, and Anxiety Around Public Speaking

💥 Readiness to be Seen and Heard

💥 Sense of Community Within the Public Speaking 101 Container

💥 Banishment of the Inner Critic Inside of You

A Simple, 5-Step Process to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Present a BADASS Speech

  1. Research. Learn the four basic elements needed to conduct thorough research and land on a presentation topic that will tickle your audience.

  2. Writing. Speech-writing is a powerful skill that takes practice to perfect. We share tips and tricks that will help make your speech relatable, attention-grabbing, and most importantly, impactful.

  3. Courage. This is the module most public speaking courses fail to incorporate. We’ve included several practices that will help build your confidence before stepping up to that podium!

  4. Doing the Thing! Small actions lead to big success. Learn the best techniques we’ve found to eliminate needless stress the day of your big presentation.

  5. Now What? Understand how overcoming this fear will affect your life after your speech is well-received. Public speaking is a skill that carries into every aspect of our lives.

This Course is for You If…

  • Your fear of public speaking is holding you back from professional (and even personal) growth.

  • You’ve tried a public speaking course before but found it to be too technical, analytical or “business-y”

  • You are a highly sensitive person, introvert, or empath.

  • You approach business from a fun, heart-centered place and want your work to reflect that.

  • You are the face of your business, but find it hard to show up in the public speaking arena.

  • You feel a tightness in your chest every time you think about presenting.

What’s Inside

  • Recorded Training Modules. Jam-packed with valuable content, you will have access to our recordings and course presentations for LIFE! Refer back anytime you need a quick refresh.

  • Interactive Workbook. We believe active learning leads to long-lasting learning. Integrate each module by going over the notes we provide and immersing yourself in assignments that engage.

  • Speech Day Dress Guide. Never underestimate the power of a well-fitting outfit! Our Speech Day Dress guide takes the guesswork out of choosing an outfit that looks polished, feels comfortable, and showcases your unique style.

  • Journal Prompts. Writing things down is a great way to get out of your head and release stress. We’ve shared several journaling prompts guaranteed to help ease anxiety around public speaking.

  • Breath Work Guide. Did you know, the tone and pitch of your voice is directly affected by the quality of your breath? Just like a parent soothes a crying baby with deep breaths, you can also use breathwork to your advantage when preparing for your public speaking event.

Our Story

We are a mother-daughter duo who used to cringe at the thought of public speaking, just like you. As highly sensitive introverts, we had to overcome our fear of public speaking when we each became on-air radio personalities. Stepping up to the mic every single day was no easy task. Luckily, we were able to put our heads together to curate some truly remarkable resources to help us gain confidence, and ultimately, find our voice.

Your course facilitator and Public Speaking Mentor, Cat Coppinger, explains how she grew from a shaky-voiced small business owner to a badass radio DJ, event emcee, and political debate moderator by applying the simple, 5-step process she teaches inside Public Speaking 101.

This Course is NOT for You If...

  • You learn from a more technical or analytical approach.

  • You aren’t open to a little “woo-woo” and some out-of-the-box techniques.

  • You don’t believe humor belongs in the workplace

  • You are looking for a boring, cut-and-dry, uptight stiff to read a boring cut-and-dry presentation about the traditional mechanics of building a speech.