What Even is "Branding"?

Updated: Apr 17

Technically speaking, branding has been around for thousands of years. Okay, so branding a cow is slightly different than branding your business, but the point is—even farmers in the year 2000BC knew the importance of marketing their product to the world.

Fast forward to 2022 and branding has become an absolute essential in claiming space in the eCommerce world. With all these companies fighting to win the sale, distinct brand recognition is more important now, than ever.

But what, exactly, is branding?

So many biz owners think, “I have a logo—I’m good to go, right?!” NO! Branding is sooo much more than a logo! Slapping a logo on your digital assets is just the tip of the iceberg.

Branding is made up of many components, but most simply, it’s the promise you make to your customers. It’s what they should expect when doing business with you. It is comprised of every offer you’ve ever made, product you’ve ever sold, and every graphic you’ve ever posted.

A solid brand also has a solid brand voice. We like to think of Find Your Voice as its own living, breathing entity, complete with her own personality, quirks, likes, and dislikes. Take this blog post, for example. You might have noticed the conversational, humorous tone we convey as we write. While professional journalists may cringe upon reading our articles, it is important that we communicate in a way that is authentic to our brand and resonates with our soulmate clients.

Nothing kills a brand quicker than inauthenticity.

A killer brand strategy comes from a clear target audience. How many times have you caught a glimpse of an ad that *actually* caused you to stop scrolling? That percentage is probably pretty low, but when you do find those ads, it’s because they speak to YOU! They aren’t made for the masses. They are tailored to your interests and your phase in life. THAT is successful branding. Hopefully, once you clicked thru said ad, you found a website with colors and photos that resonate with you, inspire you, and, ultimately, convince you that their product is the right fit for your life.

And that, friends, is the key to successful branding. Everyone can say “You should buy from me because my product is the BEST”. But if your goal is to find soulmate customers who will keep coming back, time and time again? You need to show them how great your product will look on their shelf.